Always There.


All the Ahola way through

When Chief Compliance Officer Birgitta Hatt is asked what is her area of responsibility, an interesting and analytical discussion of business finances begins. If one cannot concentrate on the long answer, the simplified version will do: Birgitta is like a mother of the company; she knows how to do the right thing.

Thanks to her long work experience with industry, Birgitta learned to understand how a business works - regardless of its actual line of business. This is probably the main reason for her hiring by Ahola some eight years ago. The company was experiencing strong growth at the time, and there was a demand for a concept of success; appropriate processes and good practices were needed. As a member of the management team, Birgitta has purposefully worked in creating structures and content to support the Ahola business idea the basis of which is formed by efficiency, reliability, and environmental consciousness. The company possesses certified management systems in quality management (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety management (OHSAS 18001). On Basis of these systems and the company's own goals and values, a central management guide, Ahola Way, has been created which is driven by customer focus. The needs of the customer form the basis for producing added value for the customer. The Chief Compliance Officer makes sure that the Ahola Way of known and followed by every member of the organisation.

Birgitta also recognises title of Quality Manager, and in her role she assures quality in the Ahola processes. There are two central tools of practical quality assurance: anomaly reporting (which covers i.a. personnel injuries, reclamations, and emission monitoring with corrective actions), and an in-house team of experts under the name Trafiksäkerhertsforum. The group, led by Birgitta, consists of process developers, each an expert in their own area. The customer is cared for - even when something goes wrong - and operations are systematically improved.

Birgitta's role as a mother continues outside her work too, in addition she's a grandmother many times over. That may in its part explain her matriarchal and wise vision for her work and Ahola's future: "I shall make sure that I won't need a successor." – Quality will last.

The customer is cared for - Birgitta (the first on the right) with her team of experts.