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Press releases

20.12.2016 Company announcement Finnish» and in Swedish»

15.11.2016 Interim Report Q3 Finnish» and in Swedish»

8.11.2016 Company announcement in Finnish» and in Swedish»

9.9.2016 Ahola renews its brand »

1.9.2016 Company announcement in Finnish» and in Swedish»

13.5.2016: Interim report first quarter 2016 in Finnish», in Swedish» 

8.4.2016:   Resolutions from General Annual Meeting, in Finnish», In Swedish»

1.4.2016:  Ahola comments the start on Nasdaq First North Finland, In Finnish», In Swedish»

9.3.2016:  Ahola Transport applies for listing on Nasdaq First North Finland »

13.11.2015: Delårsrapport kvartal tre 2015»

2.9.2015:   Historiskt stort avtal träder i kraft »

14.8.2015:  Delårsrapport Första halvåret 2015 »

23.7.2015:  Nyemission i Ahola Transport slutförd »